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The Setup Wizard will help guide you through the installation of this software.

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MySQL Server Details

The Setup Wizard requires a MySQL username, password & empty database.

Please supply your MySQL information or Create a New Account & Database

Setup Wizard was unable to access MySQL with the supplied information.

Please try again.
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Setup Wizard encounterd an error

There have been one or more errors reported while trying to install GameCP.

  • php_mysql - Connects PHP to your MySQL server - required
  • php_ftp - Connects PHP to ftp servers - required
  • php version - GameCP requires PHP 5.4 or less - required

Please correct any errors you see and try again.

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Installing, please wait...

Setup Wizard encounted an error!

There was an error while trying to install GameCP.

Go back and try again. If the problem persists contact GameCP Support.

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Congratulations! GameCP has been installed

The Setup Wizard has completed the installation of the GameCP Master Server.

Account Information

Access URL:http://mheberg.fr/gamecp

Login to GameCP

Click here to login to GameCP now.

Secure Your Install

  • Remove the 'installer' folder that this program is in.
  • Change the file ownership of all the files to a correct user.
  • Change the file mode of the mysql.inc.php file to restrict unauthorized access.

Next Steps

  1. Secure your panel
  2. Configure a remote server
  3. Configure FTPD Servers
  4. Configure services
  5. Create a client

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